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The perfect MQL metal cutting companion. With its precision positive displacement pump and individually adjustable air and fluid volumes, the Coolubricator™ is the perfect Minimum Quantity Lubrication solution for metal cutting.
  • Reduces fluid usage
  • Promotes a clean and safe work environment
  • Prolongs tool life
  • Improves cut quality
  • Made for environmentally friendly Coolube®
  • Dry chips - higher recycling value
Airflow Systems

Dial in the "Sweet Spot"
With MQL, individual metal cutting applications each have their own "sweet spot" or precise amount of fluid necessary for optimum efficiency. Too little fluid, or too much fluid and tool life can suffer and fluid can be wasted. The Coolubricator™ gives you precise control over fluid output with separate fluid and air output adjustment. This means finding the sweet spot for your application is a breeze and once it's set, you can count on the Coolubricator™ to deliver the perfect amount of fluid again and again.

Separate Air & Fluid is the key to delivering consistent atomization and fluid distribution over extended lengths of supply tubing. This is where the patented Unist Co-Axial Nozzle steps in. Fluid and air are kept separate until they are combined at the nozzle tip. This creates an evenly atomized spray and eliminates messy drips. Be sure to order your Coolubricator™ with Co-Axial hose and nozzle to maximize your lubricant delivery! <br />

Details / Specs:

Continuous Output - Pulse Generator = infinite cycling at an adjustable 5-200 pulse/min.

Additional Output - Drive up to 16 pumps for 16 individual output options

Air Valve Options - Control air input with Manual Valve, Air Pilot Valve, or 3-Way Solenoid Valve (available in 110 VAC or 24 VDC)

Pump Options - 3 types available:

  • 1 Drop (1/30 mL per stroke)
  • 3 Drop (1/10 mL per stroke)
  • Check Valve (for use with coolant or fluid with <100 SUS viscosity)
Choice of reservoir capacity - 16 oz. nylon reservoir standard
  • 10 oz. nylon
  • 16 oz. polyethylene
  • 32 oz. polyethylene
  • 64 oz. polyethylene
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Coolubricator JR™ lets you lubricate machines throughout your shop
  • Moves from machine to machine without production delays. Hand-carry this versatile lubricator from one scheduled cutting or machining equipment to the next. A heavy-duty magnet lets you install it with minimal downtime.
  • Produces a continuous output of precisely metered lubricants. Air-driven, positive-displacement pumps precisely meter each drop of lubricant at .03 cc/stroke. The 100-million cycle pulse generator allows for automatic, infinite repeat cycling of the metering pump. This ensures that a continuous, external film of lubricant is applied to the tool-work interface.
  • Adjusts output from 4-200 injection cycles per minute with 0.1 to 3.0 drops of lubricant per cycle. A durable, vented 16 oz. reservoir holds more than 14,400 drops of lubricant.
  • Dispenses any highly refined lubricant including Unist’s high-efficiency Coolube® from its durable, 16 oz. (0.5 L) vented reservoir.
  • Combines lubricant and air in the patented Co-Axial Nozzle tip. Keeps atomization and distribution of the liquid consistent regardless of the hose length. Plastic 12 in. nozzle is coupled with 5 ft. Co-Axial hose. A heavy-duty magnetic base at the hose/nozzle connection makes it easier to relocate and position the nozzle at the friction points.
  • Lets operator easily control atomization of the spray by adjusting air, pulse per minute and liquid metering.
  • Installs fast and easy with manual on-off (sleeve). read more.
  • Provides small shop economy. See how this portable lubricator can lead to big lubricant savings and better quality products. Contact us today.
Coolubricator JR™ applications
  • Drill presses
  • Lathes
  • Saws
  • Open milling machines
  • Boring mills
  • Works with metals, woods and plastics
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