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VANISHING OIL 3 The wetting and mild E.P. characteristics of VANISHING OIL 3 make it an excellent choice for light duty stamping or roll forming when low residue is critical. It is suitable for both ferrous and nonferrous metals.
WOCODRAW 10 A low viscosity chlorine free cold heading oil formulated with the latest in synthetic additive technology. It can be used as a stamping oil and as a additive to boost performance of most cutting oils.
WOCODRAW 20 A heavy duty chlorine free cold heading oil that can perform the most severe heading operations and still give excellent die life.
POSI-DRAW 309 A heavily fortified stamping fluid for medium to heavy duty stamping and fine blanking. It uses a combination of fats, sulfur, and chlorine to achieve excellent wetting and superior E.P. characteristics to produce burr free edges and long tool life.
A dark colored, heavy duty extruding oil compounded with sulfur, chlorine and fatty oils. For light duty drawing, PRODRAW 100 displays excellent wetting and lubricity characteristics combined with built in rust protection. This product is sulfur free and the right choice for both ferrous and nonferrous metals.
PRODRAW 125 An oil based product, PRODRAW 125 displays good flow characteristics with a combination wetting /E.P. package to handle any medium duty draw. A sulfur free package makes it ferrous and nonferrous friendly.
PRODRAW 150 If you are looking for an oil based, viscous drawing compound to handle the toughest of draws, PRODRAW 150 will do the job. This product is heavily fortified with a combination of sulfur, chlorine, and fat.
PRODRAW 200 A water soluble drawing compound, can be used in concentrations of 10% to 50%, depending on the severity of the draw. Excellent wetting and E.P. properties.
PRODRAW 220 This is a chlorine free version of our PRODRAW 200. For light to medium drawing applications, where chlorine is an issue, PRODRAW 220 will stand up to the test.
WOCODRAW 34 A highly compounded soluble drawing lubricant formulated for maximum severity press operations requiring high chemical E.P. , metal-wetting and “anti-wipe” properties. Can be used neat or diluted.
PRODRAW 365 A full synthetic, water based product, PRODRAW 365 can be used from straight to a 10% concentration depending on the severity of the draw. This product displays great flow characteristics and is chlorine free.

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