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WS5010 Is an outstanding water based synthetic rust inhibitor for indoor storage. This product is also an excellent choice for the last stage in a multi-stage process cleaning system.
WS6500 Is an extreme pressure fortified soluble oil. Wallover’s original bio-resistant coolants an economical choice for multi-metal machining.
WS6600 High performance chlorine-free bio-stable micro emulsion coolant. Excellent on Aluminum.
WS6900 Is our top of the line chlorinated, bio-stable micro emulsion coolant for machining ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
WS7350 Is our most popular semi-synthetic coolant. It combines excellent rust inhibition with extreme pressure machining performance.
WS8000 Is a full synthetic grinding coolant. It provides excellent rust protection at low concentrations.
WS8025 An economical synthetic for machining ferrous metals and is chlorine free.
WS8035 Combines low foam, bio-resistance, excellent rust inhibition and high performance in a full synthetic coolant.
WS8065 Is a heavy duty synthetic coolant formulated specifically for stainless steel and other hard to machine metals.
WS8800 Our newest chlorine-free coolant technology for machining ferrous and nonferrous metals. Unique additive package will not stain aluminum and has proven excellent for machining all alloys of aluminum. Low foaming makes it ideal for high pressure CNC machines.
WS8610 Highest performance product for heavy-duty applications of ferrous and nonferrous metals. Low foaming and will not stain aluminum.

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